Mix. Mingle. Make lasting impact.

Since 2015, Envision Consulting has hosted informal happy hour events across the country intended to introduce community-based nonprofit organizations to local professionals interested in volunteer service by virtue of Board service.

Our quarterly mixers have drawn over 200 nonprofit partners and over 1,000 prospective candidates, resulting in over 200 board placements across the United States including Los Angeles, Orange County, Denver, New York, San Francisco and Boston. This service provides a relaxed environment for direct interaction between nonprofit organizations and the communities they serve.


This event is open to established nonprofit organizations who have been in existence longer than one year, have a budget larger than $500,000 per year, and have established Board processes and liability insurance; and qualified professionals who have the capacity to give greater than $500 per year to nonprofit organizations and are willing, able and interested in performing the fiduciary and fundraising responsibilities of a Board member. 


Nonprofits who are selected to participate in the CauseCupid mixer will be charged $20. Board candidates who are selected to participate will be charged $10.


Envision Consulting invites corporate partners to join as sponsors in the event, allowing unmatched exposure to the nonprofit community and creating opportunities for both the nonprofits and professionals they serve. Corporate Partnership allows CauseCupid events to be low or no-cost to the participants. 


Organizations seeking to substantially build their boards of directors or for-profit entities seeking to create leadership opportunities for their senior executives can contract directly with Envision Consulting to host dedicated cupid events as a recruiting tool. We will help you strategically target board candidates that enrich your experience and reflect the community.




  • Gabrielle Prisco, Esq., M.A., Executive Director
    "I am delighted to share that Lineage Project has two wonderful new board members, as a result of CauseCupid. And we are in conversation with additional potential board members. CauseCupid mixers are wisely designed to foster conversations between nonprofits and prospective board members, while also providing a chance for nonprofit leaders to get to know one another. The setting is low-key, but the results are high-impact. I am grateful to CauseCupid, and excited to stay a part of these community gatherings."
  • Anna F., Board Member
    "Social responsibility and social impact have become increasingly important to me. Through a CauseCupid event I was invited to, I met and learned about so many wonderful organizations. I connected with a few of them and had followup meets including with Girl Be Heard! After attending my first Girl Be Heard! theater performance I was compelled to be a part of the org in some capacity. I'm so thrilled to share that I've recently become a board member as of June 2019. CauseCupid is a genius mingling event that allows you to really connect with multiple orgs in one place over drinks and treats! Thank you for bringing me to Girl Be Heard!"
  • Laura Zachar, Reading Partners, Executive Director
    "As a rapidly growing organization, we rely on great board members to support our work. I am continually impressed with the caliber of potential board members that Envision provides, and am thrilled that we currently have two members that we met through their well-planned events!"
  • Carrie Hidding, CPA, teamCFO Co-President
    "I attended the Board Matchmaking Event hosted by Envision and it was well worth my time. Nonprofits from many sectors including education, arts, social services and environmental were present as well as many business professionals interested in board positions. There were many lively conversations and information exchanged. Overall, a very successful evening and I certainly encourage those who want to serve and nonprofits looking for good board members to come check out the next event."

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