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CompSurvey / Sponsorships

ENWR Sponsorship 2021.09.23

ENWR Sponsorship 2021.09.23 2

With your sponsorship and support, this report will serve as the premiere tool that Southern CA non-profits use to adapt to the changing hiring market, thus ensuring they have the talent to effectively carry out their missions. We envision this report to be a catalyst in changing the way funders and partners value equitable employee compensation, because we believe that choosing to work in the social sector should be met with more reward, not less.

Sponsor data collection, analysis and outreach; encouraging non-profit organizations and professionals to participate in the survey.

Be a recognized leader in a regional movement to center equity and empower Southern CA non-profit organizations to adapt to the changing hiring market and economy. Sponsor logos and/or contact information are included in the following:

  • Promotion from September 2021 to January 2022
  • ENWR Executive Summary and Full Report
  • E-blasts to 14K+ non-profit sector contacts
  • CNM and Envision Consulting websites with 2K+ monthly visitors
  • Social media posts with a combined audience of nearly 27K followers
  • Extended reach by promotional partners and ambassadors in the sector
  • Regional opportunities for digital marketing
  • Blogs and related sector publications
  • Related webinars and recordings
    • Survey Launch Webinar (Sept)
    • Survey Preview for Ambassadors & Partners (Nov)
    • Foundations Roundtable to Apply Findings (Jan)

We invite you to become a lead sponsor in the launch of the ENWR! As a sponsor you stand with nonprofits in helping them lead important social change. Sponsorships start at $5,000 but support at all levels is encouraged.

To learn more please contact Sylvia 

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


or visit envisionnonprofit.com/compsurvey

Thank you for your support!

Equitable Nonprofit Workplace Report

Purchase the ENWR

The Center for Nonprofit Management and Envision Consulting are proud to release the 2022 Equitable Nonprofit Workplace Report (ENWR), featuring:

  • Current compensation and benefits data for a broad range of nonprofit jobs in Southern California
  • Insights into the experiences of local nonprofit employees and organizations viewed through an equity lens
  • Recommendations for strengthening equity throughout your organization’s compensation, benefits, and human resources practices

An update to CNM’s popular Compensations and Benefits report, the ENWR’s scope has been widened to include a deep exploration of the Southern California nonprofit sector’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion practices as the authors recognize that no discussion of employment practices is complete without viewing those practices through an equity lens. 

The Data-Driven Insights You Need

Informed by more than 500 individual and organizational survey respondents, the ENWR presents a unique opportunity for you to:

  • Find appropriate compensation levels for your organization’s staff and new hires
  • Find benchmarks by which to evaluate your organization’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion practices
  • Identify areas of improvement for your organization and find recommendations for how to get there

Compensation Data to Match Your Organization

The ENWR presents compensation data for the nonprofit sector’s most common job titles and departments, including Executive Directors, Chief Executive Officers, and a full range of positions in the programs, operations, finance, development, and marketing departments. Positions range from Vice President and Director through managers, associates, and coordinators.

Each of the nearly 60 job titles detailed in the report includes a minimum, maximum, and median Annual Base Pay separated among the following employer details:

  • Annual Budget
  • Location
  • Field of Service
  • Employees Managed

Expand the nearby chart to see an example of the salary data presented for each job title in the report.

ENWR Job Title Sample

Dive into Nonprofit Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

CNM and Envision Consulting came together to better understand the current state of compensation, benefits, and of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion practice, implementation, and outcomes in the Southern California sector. 

We know that the nonprofit sector – with its deep knowledge of the values, experiences, and social forces impacting diverse racial, gender, age, and cultural groups in our society – is well-positioned to set a powerful precedent for equitable, inclusive practices in the workplace that attract and retain talent from all walks of life.

Key Findings


While half of the employees we surveyed have no intention of leaving their role or organization, about one-third intend to leave within 12 months. At the same time, just under half of participating organizations agreed that they struggle to retain employees. Many organizations and employees report that remote and flexible work arrangements have successfully contributed to retention and workplace wellness.


With respect to compensation, the racial wage gap persists across organizational budget size, and across employee age categories. White employees are making between $5,000 and $20,000 more a year than their Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) peers. Additionally, our survey found evidence that the documented gender wage gap among nonprofit executives persists in 2021 (male executives make about $10,000 more per year than their female counterparts, across all organizational budget sizes). Many employees expressed feeling that their compensation was not commensurate with their workload, a key factor underlying burnout.


Approximately one-third of employees in their 20s, 30s, and 40s said they did not understand the criteria for advancement in their organizations, and just over one-third said they would have to leave their current position and employer in order to get a promotion. Employees indicated that access to professional development would positively contribute to job satisfaction, which, more than any other factor, predicted an employee’s intention to stay in their current role. Fifty-three percent of participating organizations say they pay for staff professional development.


Finally, our survey found that organizational diversity and inclusion are intertwined: employees are more likely to feel valued and included, and more likely to feel positive about their workplace, in organizations that are more racially diverse and that have a greater tangible investment in DEI. Analysis of individual survey responses found that Black CEOs – regardless of the diversity of their organizations – are much less likely to feel valued and included at work than their White CEO counterparts. Multiracial, Latino/Hispanic and Black employees are less likely to have received a recent wage adjustment than their White and Asian Pacific Islander peers.

Respondents Reflect the Southern California Nonprofit Sector

To inform the report, we surveyed 115 organizations and 412 individuals who represent organizations with various fields of service and budget size.


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