Blog Post On Nonprofit Executive Recruitment: 5 things you're doing to help us steal your talented leadership | Envision ConsultingWe’re really enjoying nonprofit executive recruiting. We meet a lot of amazing, talented people and it’s been our pleasure placing them at great organizations. But we owe you a huge debt of gratitude. Did you even know that you’ve been helping us pick off your staff?

We argued internally about how we should thank you. Although some here lobbied for a fruit basket or one of our company-embossed notebooks or pens, our moms raised us to write ‘thank you’ letters. So thank you, for all of the help you’ve been giving in letting us pick off your leadership staff and helping us so much in executive recruiting.

Didn’t know you’ve been helping us? Let us count the ways. 

  1. You Keep Them In The Dark

    Whether it’s the latest budget, a grant cycle that’s due, or the mysterious departure of a long-term board member, mums the word! By keeping staff in the dark you’ll ensure they feel sufficiently isolated and unsure about their own future in the organization.

  2. You Don’t Challenge Them

    You love driven people. Who doesn’t? They crave challenge and opportunities. When it comes to building programs, raising capital campaigns, or creating new buildings, you rely on their tenacity and passion to get it done. But then, once it’s built, you relegate those same go-getters to running an established, sometimes outdated, program. Thanks! We’re there waiting when they’re looking for their next challenge.

  3. You Don’t Get Rid Of Bad Staff or Board Members

    Every organization has one; and in some cases, more than one bad apple who ruins the bunch. It’s that person you’re constantly getting complaints about. There are a lot of reasons you haven’t moved them. Maybe there isn’t enough documentation. Maybe they have a powerful donor or funder who loves them. But whatever it is, it’s demoralizing your staff. So, please, keep that bad apple in place. We’ll leave them there for you and focus on the good ones.

  4. You Really, Really Hate Change

    When you brought on that shiny new Executive Director, the excitement was palpable. You talked about broadening the scope of the organization, about new and exciting programs, about new funding and new leadership. But when it comes time for your new ED to make some serious moves…well, you’re hesitant. Actually, more than hesitant. After all, this is the way things have always been done.  But that ED, well, she was still excited about the change you promised her. And we’ll help her find it elsewhere.

  5. You Just Don’t Pay Enough

    You knew this one was coming, and funny enough, you thought it would be the top reason people leave, but it’s not.  Money usually isn’t the top reason people leave, but it’s a supporting one.  If the environment isn’t comfortable, if they don’t feel challenged or valued, money can be the final nail in the coffin if another opportunity presents itself. Do you even know what others in their field are being paid? We’re happy to tell them, it’s part of a comprehensive analysis in our competitive executive recruiting process.

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