Season 5 | Episode 3

“ Enough is now known that you can't get the best medical care unless you address what's happening in your mind and your anxiety … and I would see the value we would bring, and we measure our outcomes, and I would see that we are reducing anxiety, we are reducing distress. And I just thought, ‘wow, where can you go every day and literally positively impact people's lives who are probably going through the most challenging time in their life?’ And it was humbling.”

Join host, Matt Kamin, as he talks to Patricia Ostiller, CEO of Cancer Support Community SGV, a nonprofit that uplifts and strengthens people impacted by cancer by providing support, fostering compassionate communities and breaking down barriers to care.

Normally, Matt likes to “Mattsplain” the listeners, educating them on various elements of nonprofit leadership, but in this episode, Patricia took the reins! She “Patriciasplained,” in depth, just how she was able to lead a 3.8 million dollar capital campaign for a new building (you read that right) as well as enlightened us about how to engage your board and hold them accountable with contracts and scorecards. And Matt and Patricia share thoughts on the challenges of fundraising and reaching donors. Hints: be fearless and take “no” as “not right now.”