Join us for the January 2017 convening of the Ventura County Nonprofit Leadership Council with a focus on Coaching as a Resource in Your Nonprofit Toolkit

From a panel of local experts, this session of the Nonprofit Leadership Council will address real examples of when (and how) coaching has made the difference and help you develop and practice new skills to integrate into your day to day leadership.  Perfect for executive directors, program managers and team leaders who seek to apply coaching principles to elevate their own nonprofit practice or help team members navigate a tricky challenge or campaign.

This first gathering of the New Year will be the one you and your team members won't want to miss!

At this session, we will explore:

  • What is coaching?  Under what circumstances does coaching have the most impact?
  • How much does coaching cost?  And how long does it take to achieve results?
  • What makes coaching different from training, teaching, mentoring? 
  • How can I learn and apply coaching approaches & techniques to be a better nonprofit leader?

Panel participants include Suzanne Elliott, Envision Consulting, panel moderator, and many other local nonprofit professionals. Register and learn more about the panel.

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