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What Would it Take to Love Your Job Again?

It’s here – the Great Resignation, the mass exodus of talent across all sectors. Are you one of the record 4 million people who quit their jobs in April? Or are you still at your burnt toast of a job, yearning for better work-life balance, a job with more flexibility and remote opportunities? Maybe you’re just trying to envision what a meaningful job looks like for you.

We hear you: You want to love your job again.

Right now, people are willing to bring home less bacon, buy less Amazon, and nanny their own kids in exchange for less stress and pressure. But what about life after the pandemic? 

Companies go out of business, nonprofits give up, executives move to the moon, the economy slumps lower and lower, putting more pressure on the lower class while what’s left of the middle class settles into the couch to watch the show. 

Okay, okay. It’s too soon to predict all of this (save for the executives launching themselves on a starship to the moon), but we do have a mission to help talented people find their love match with a meaningful nonprofit career

With U.S. job openings soaring to a record 10.1 million in June, there’s no question it’s an employees’ job market. Organizations are listening. So what is it that you value? What are you looking for in a new career? 

Your work will make a difference at a nonprofit. You’ll be valued, challenged and paid. See our current career opportunities for a variety of amazing causes.