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Designing your future is more than just glancing at your resume periodically. It starts with looking inward.

Becoming a qualified candidate and securing your next career move often comes down to two variables, position requirements and personal fit. Position requirements speak to the skills and experiences you bring to the job. Personal fit can include organization's culture, work that’s meaningful to you, ability to apply your skills/expertise, and work-life balance. Today’s workplace is looking for inspired leaders to meet both these needs. Building strong AND motivated teams.

Whether you’re an experienced nonprofit professional or transitioning into the field, you’re probably wondering: “How do I know what jobs and organizations are right for me? And once you’ve found them, “How can my resume rise up to the top?”

Here are two places to start your search:

  1. Check out Envision's current job search openings here
  2. Work with a Career Coach. Finding your next job is no small task and you don’t have to go it alone.

Our career coaching can work with you to:

& Analyze

This important and often short-changed exploration phase is important to better understanding yourself. Learn more about your skills, interests, and their application as you consider potential job opportunities.


Equipped with the knowledge of what you’re looking for in your next position as well as your strengths, we’ll work with you to map out concrete steps to building the next phase of your career. In addition to looking at available opportunities, we’ll also explore relationship and skill building opportunities that can help propel you to the top. Did you know 80% of job placements are relationship-based?


We can’t go into the interview with you, but we can help prepare you to present your best self. Your coach can not only help you improve your resume, but also support you as you weigh opportunities, prepare for interviews, and have a sounding board during the negotiations phase. The job seeking process can be intense and have its ups and downs. Your career coach can be your torch, consistently lighting your way.


Career Coaching Overview

Coaching sessions can be weekly or every-other week depending on what works best for your needs. Our career coaching engagements begin with six 1-hour sessions including basic pre-session prep or post-session follow up and the sharing of relevant resources or materials. 

Emerging Leader

Are you looking to transition into the nonprofit industry or are you just barely scratching the surface with 0-5 years of experience? We help individuals establish their leadership potential within the community.

Experienced Leader

Have you been in the nonprofit industry for 6-10 years and are looking to convert into a C-Level position? Transform your career path today.

Executive Leader

As a nonprofit leader who’s been in the industry for 10+ years, it might seem like you’re expected to know every tip and trick of making an organization succeed. We can help establish the best career options as a seasoned leader.