Executive Coaching

Maximize Your Leadership Potential

Serving in a leadership role and want to do better, differently? Having someone you can turn to as you progress through your leadership journey can provide you with the support needed to stay focused, find clarity, make tough decisions, and be a more effective leader. Your executive coach is someone who believes in what you can achieve and guides you to become an architect for your bright future. 

Our executive coaches use this three step approach:


Running organizations is complex and often takes some sorting to truly understand the root issues and identify options to move forward. Benefit from objective and new perspectives as you work with your coach to tackle unwieldy issues. Look forward to working with your coach to gain clarity, identify opportunities, and set goals for moving forward.


Coaching sessions are rooted in the issues that you wish to address, guided by your coach to keep you on track in meeting your goals. Sessions will focus on the most pressing issues you bring, and your coach will be a steady reminder for the long-term goals you are aspire to achieve. Together with your coach, you will create a blueprint for what you want to work on and ways to meet your goals.


The magic of coaching is that your decisions and actions are yours, while having a coach to support you and strategize with. This said, know that Envision not only can support you from a coaching perspective, but can offer insight from our extensive experience in the nonprofit sector. As we dive into your situation and find it helpful to provide additional coaching or consulting for your team, we have a network of experts ready to support you.