Board Development

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A Good Board Can Make All the Difference.

Look inside a successful nonprofit organization and you'll almost always find an engaged, supportive board of directors. And conversely, when nonprofits fail, you can bet there are most likely issues with executive leadership.

We've been executive directors and senior staff, founders and board members - so we understand board development is very tough. Board members are legally responsible for the organization, but they are also volunteers. The dynamics between an Executive Director and board members are complex. The specific duties of board members vary depending on the organization's goals, where it is in its lifecycle, and who the other members are. For all these reasons, we know organizations and potential board members need support and guidance.

How We Build Boards:

We help organizations figure out what they need

Our board recruitment and development planning allows you to articulate your ideal board member profiles, guides you in how to find and evaluate those candidates, and provides a roadmap for onboarding and building board members.

We make connections

Our unique CauseCupid services introduce nonprofit organizations to local professionals interested in board service. We host quarterly mixers across the country that bring people together for this purpose. We also organize dedicated cupid events for organizations seeking to substantially build their boards or companies seeking community leadership opportunities for senior executives.

We train, motivate and support

Recruiting the perfect board members is only part of the puzzle. It's essential to provide a thorough orientation and ongoing training to help board members fulfill their roles. It's also very helpful to create opportunities outside regular meeting for boards to dream big and plan. We offer board orientation and training packages, retreats and coaching.

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