Executive Search

Our Process In One Word: Matchmaking

This is what the typical executive search process looks like:

Recruiter (also known as head hunter) searches for candidates through their rolodex database defining viability based on an old job description. Cold, cookie cutter messages are sent in hopes that a couple of desperate people respond. Recruiter compiles a list for the search committee, lets them conduct their own interviews in their own way and asks to be kept in the loop while crossing fingers that they might, at the very least, like one of the candidates listed.

Wow. Basic.

That’s not how we do things at Envision Consulting. We’re too much out of the box ourselves to adopt such an impersonable, outdated process. Your organization deserves an innovative and inspiring leader. Shouldn’t the search to find that perfect person be just as innovative and inspiring?

We know what it takes to run a nonprofit so we go above and beyond matching candidate to client and resume to requirement. It starts with the right leaders. Using a variety of tools like Greenhouse and StrengthsFinder, here’s how we find them:

Assess & Define

We start with conducting a comprehensive analysis of the organization’s leadership and accountability structure. Surveying both staff and board members identifies the perceived needs of a new leader. Through using the survey summation, a candidate profile is created and the job description is updated to match the new scope of work, setting the stage for a successful executive search.

Recruit & Source

In addition to posting on popular job boards and accounting for referred prospects, we search and source qualified leaders. On average, recruiters who reach out to viable prospects for a job opening get an 8% response rate. We beat that average by 7x the amount at 60%. The Envision difference? Our messages aren’t cold cookie cutter introductions. We dig deep and craft highly personalized messages to EACH prospect. A warm lead during our search process ensures that each candidate is fully committed to landing a leadership position at your organization.

Interview & Analyze

The pool of candidates go through a series of interviews: behavioral phone and face-to-face, where the candidate profile is used to determine whether candidates fit the needs of the position and organization and if the culture is a good fit for both parties.

Executive Interview Panel

Top prospects are selected for the final interviewing process. The organization’s search committee is equipped for a full day where an unparalleled structure provides unbiased scoring. Final decision assistance and post-hiring consultation takes place. There are also 3-6-9 month onboarding benchmarks.