Executive Search

Running A Nonprofit Starts With The Right Leaders

Our executive search process can be defined using a single word: matchmaking.

Match.com is the world's largest online dating site for singles. How does it maintain its leading spot over and over again for 21 years? They keep their formula simple: utilize tools that measure strengths, weaknesses, wants and needs, then aggregate data into an algorithm that will connect users with the best matches. And with more than 10 million relationships created in its history of matchmaking, it’s safe to say that it’s a proven formula.

That’s how we look at our executive search. We understand that a job is a relationship involving two parties so we use a series of tools and processes to measure personalities and assess cultural fit beyond the resume.

But we do more than just source candidates, we consult with you to ensure we’re sourcing candidates with the best fit for your organization.

The typical recruiter finds candidates based on a preconceived job description. As consultants using tools like Greenhouse and StrengthsFinder, we work with your organization to identify what traits and skills are desired for the position and how it fits with the organization’s core values and culture. Our executive search begins with using those answers.

And as we source, we simultaneously build better teams.

We work with boards and staff to build better leadership teams for growth. Using a series of tools, we uncover data and truths used to identify the actual needs of the organization and its future leader, as well as areas of opportunities for current staff and board members.

What we do results in establishing a culture of organizational excellence; the key to keeping talented leadership committed to your mission.

Talent is an organization’s biggest and best asset. Throughout the search, we focus on building organizational structures to support excellence and believe that collaboration should be a top priority. With our unique process, we've been able to place amazing nonprofit leaders at growing organizations.

Meet our successful placements.

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