Organizational Strategy

What is Organizational Strategy?

It's all about choices. Strategy is asking questions, setting priorities, allocating resources, and making decisions. We help staff and boards navigate organizational strategy through a wide range of engagements - all with the purpose of advancing your mission and helping your organization reach its long-term goals.

How Can We Help You?

Our organizational strategy projects include:

Multi-year strategy planning

We facilitate an inclusive, rigorous process that empowers your stakeholders and yields a plan that is both aspirational and achievable. And we keep our eye on implementation - because our plans are NOT dusty binders on shelves.

Operational and business planning

We are experienced in crafting annual organizational plans, business plans, department plans, functional plans (e.g. marketing, fund development, program) and more. We ensure you have the details needed to execute the plan.


When you need to diagnose issues or evaluate opportunities, our assessment provides the clarity to make decisions. We are known for our deep but efficient research and analysis, supplemented with concise conclusions and prioritized recommendations.

Strategic restructuring

Our on-the ground experience with successful mergers means we reach beyond theory to implement sustainable and impactful organization models. Our exploratory process couples targeted deliberation with smart data to help boards make strategic decisions. We also assist with implementation planning after a strategic restructure model is finalized. Envision is an Approved Consultant for the Nonprofit Sustainability Initiative.

Learn about our three-step process for strategy projects.

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