Board Development

Good Boards Are Made, Not Born

Train, Motivate and Support

Much has been written about the responsibilities and expectations of nonprofit board members - and that is absolutely important. But we also believe organizations must make a commitment to their board members to provide information, resources and guidance necessary to successfully fulfill those volunteer responsibilities.

We offer a full range of services to build boards:


Onboarding new board members is critical to get started on the right foot. We create board manuals, develop orientation agendas and activities, and lead orientation meetings so your new board members can dive in.


Our interactive, action-oriented retreats help your board feel engaged, inspired and ready to move forward with a clear plan. We customize the agenda to best meet your needs, which might be strategy, governance, team building or something else. We always get to know your board before the retreat through our board assessment tool.


Board development shouldn't be limited to an orientation and an annual retreat. We provide training modules during your regular board meetings or as standalone sessions. Popular topics include fundraising for board members, understanding financial reports, and basic board roles and responsibilities. We also offer one-on-one coaching for board chairs and for board members who would like additional support in specific areas.


We understand the value of a skilled, external facilitator in a board room, particularly during difficult discussions and challenging decision making. We are adept at creating an environment for all voices to be heard, and also guiding a group toward conclusions and actions.

Don't know who you need on your board? Read about our board recruitment planning.

Drop us a line and let us know how we can help build your board.