Board Development

Find Your Team

Recruiting Without Planning Makes Bad Matches.

When we ask nonprofit leaders what's keeping them awake at night, a common answer is: "finding good board members." We believe the keys to successful board recruitment are knowing what you need from board members, creating a process that can be institutionalized, and engaging the full team. We apply our extensive experience in executive search to board recruitment, and craft a thoughtful, actionable plan that will help you build a passionate, engaged, committed board of directors.

Our board recruitment planning includes several key steps:

  • Board survey and discussion about the skills, experiences, perspectives and other characteristics that are valuable to the group and will help the organization reach its goals.
  • Succession planning conversations that include mapping out board terms timeline, cultivating a pipeline of future officers, and building a deep and diverse leadership bench on the board.
  • Plan development with ideal board member profiles, suggestions for identifying possible candidates and criteria for evaluation, recommendations for onboarding and general board development and training.
  • Training the full board on the recruitment process. Even if you have a nominating committee taking the lead, it's important for all board members to engage in recruiting. We explain roles, tasks and timelines and brainstorm networks and relationships that can be explored.

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