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Why Candidates Aren't Making It to the 2-Year Mark, According to Our Favorite TV Shows

At Envision Consulting, we've noticed a curious trend lately: a flurry of candidates placed during the pandemic are already making moves again. It’s feels like nonprofit professionals are switching jobs as easily as we one can switch TV channels. So, why the sudden shuffle? Let's dive into some possibilities and connect each category to an old TV show for a nostalgic twist.

Remember how unhappy Eva Gabor was at the Green Acres farm? She made it work, but the average person would have gone back to NYC. Ever felt like you were trying to fit a square peg into a round hole? That's what it's like when there's a culture clash at play. Maybe the organization's vibe didn't mesh with the candidate's personality, or maybe that charming family culture they bragged about during your interviews feels more like an episode from Succession.

Ah, the thrill of starting a new job, only to be greeted with a DIY onboarding process. When organizations drop the ball on getting new hires up to speed, it's like setting sail without a compass—directionless and doomed to drift. Just like our friends on Gilligan’s Island, new hires can feel stranded without proper guidance and support.

Picture this: you're brimming with ideas and enthusiasm, ready to make a difference. But every time you try to voice your opinions, it's like shouting
into the void. When decision-making power feels more elusive than a unicorn, it's no wonder candidates start eyeing the exit sign. It’s as if they
have their very own Dennis the Menace sabotaging their every move.

Money talks, and when candidates discover that someone else in the organization is earning significantly more for doing the same job, it's like a
slap in the face with a wet fish. The allure of a fatter paycheck elsewhere can be too tempting to resist, leaving organizations scratching their heads and wallets. Just as Patty Lane in The Patty Duke Show dealt with her lookalike cousin Cathy’s different background, employees struggle with pay disparity within the same role.

Ever been caught in the crossfire of a boardroom showdown? It's like being an extra in a high-stakes drama where egos clash and agendas collide. When the CEO’s goals and the board vision don't see eye to eye, it's a recipe for frustration and a one-way ticket to resignationville. Nell Carter in Gimme a Break! often had to navigate through household chaos, much like employees stuck in contentious boardroom dynamics.

Everyone from entry-level to top executives wants continuous professional growth and development. When opportunities for advancement, whether
individual or organizational, resemble a barren wasteland rather than a fertile garden, it's no surprise that ambitious employees start scouting for
new gigs. After all, who wants to be stuck in a career cul-de-sac? Just like Kevin Arnold in The Wonder Years, employees long for growth and discovery in their professional journeys.

So, there you have it—just a few reasons why candidates might be hitting the eject button before reaching the 2-year mark. At Envision Consulting, our executive search services are designed to identify possible issues so that we can advise and resolve before new hires. We also advise search committees on how to transition and onboard their new hires, and even provide coaching for each placement’s during their first year. Contact us about our search services to learn more: https://www.envisionnonprofit.com/contact

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