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After spending more than 15 years founding and running nonprofit organizations, Matt Kamin and Allison Fuller found themselves encountering the same issues over and over; great missions hampered by leadership transitions, strategy without data, and staff who weren’t trained to be leaders.

We have learned that none of these factors stand alone; that it takes just the right combination of leadership, talent, and strategy to make missions work. What started as a consulting company focused on interim management has blossomed into a suite of comprehensive leadership services designed to empower nonprofits to better leverage existing resources for stronger results.

Whether it’s an executive search, a board retreat, or a strategic plan, we engage data-driven solutions and cutting edge technology to galvanize leadership and create actionable strategies that strengthen impact and create sustainable growth.

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Rosie Chuong

Rosie Chuong has been working and volunteering in the nonprofit world for over 8 years and holds a B.A. in Communications, with an emphasis in Entertainment Studies from California State University, Fullerton. Having served as a Marketing Manager for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society on both a local and regional level, with experience in advising and event planning for collegiate student run organizations at CSU Fullerton,  Rosie offers extensive experience in marketing, ranging from promoting fundraising events, developing and maintaining online and social media presence,  building strategic campaigns, obtaining media partnerships and sponsorships, and engaging high-level volunteers.

Rosie is a board member for S.A.G.E. (Self-Advocacy for Growth and Empowerment), a community-based management program serving adults with developmental disabilities. As a southern California enthusiast, her network of professionals in the for-profit and non-profit sector ranges in multiple counties, including San Diego, Riverside, Orange and Los Angeles. Rosie is passionate about creating realistic marketing plans and collateral customized to each organization’s mission and vision, and looks forward to delivering a unique voice to the public for her clients.

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Our Mission: Inspired Leadership

That’s what takes nonprofit organizations from good to incredible. We believe it takes more than a village; it takes tenacity, creativity & integrity to make even the smallest impact. That’s why we’re passionate about charity. This isn’t our job, it’s our mission. We help build leaders and organizations who grow, innovate & inspire.

We are professionals dedicated to providing coaching, planning and staffing tailored specifically to the nonprofit sector. Our broad spectrum of services will help increase revenues, expand awareness and strengthen service delivery.

Because we know together, we can do more good.