Consulting & Assessments

Change The World With A Blueprint

Your mission is to change the world. Our mission is to make that possible.

Our consulting allows you to diagnose issues, identify opportunities and confidently move forward knowing you have a clear and robust plan supported by knowledge, resources and people that will power your future. Our three-step approach leads to real working solutions, greater financial stability, stronger leadership and infrastructure, and ultimately, the success of your mission.


Our unique and comprehensive 30-point evaluation details every aspect of your operation to determine points of entry that can help expand and enhance your organization’s efforts. Our in-depth assessment process includes the following steps:


We start by speaking with the board and staff and gathering information that helps us understand your organization’s strengths and weaknesses. This might include stakeholder interviews and/or external review of issues and players.


Using the insights and data we compiled, we uncover trends and observations that illuminate your organization’s current situation.


Informed by our research, we make recommendations that create the foundation for a new and effective plan for the future.


When you are ready to develop a detailed plan for your organization, or for a specific function within your organization, we will pull together all the key elements so you have a clear, realistic blueprint to guide your actions and decisions. We believe the best plans combine analysis and creativity, plus best practices and innovation, to illustrate a unique way forward for each organization. Our services span a wide range of organizational plans, including strategic plans, operational or annual plans, marketing and communications plans, resource development plans and more. We customize the plan structure to meet your needs, but always include goals, strategies, tactics, owners, timeline, evaluation and budget.

Implementation Support

We understand that even with a solid plan in place, it can be challenging to dive into execution, especially with new initiatives. We help you bridge from planning to implementation by developing materials, conducting preliminary research, and providing initial support to kick off your efforts. For example, in a resource development plan, this might mean identifying foundation prospects, developing a corporate sponsorship proposal or setting up a crowdfunding site. Our implementation support services typically last for 30-90 days after a plan is delivered.