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We know working with and serving on boards can be as difficult as it is rewarding. Strong board members are at the heart of an organization, upholding the mission, leading long-term strategy, and stewarding public dollars and private donations. Is your organization’s board performing at its best? Looking to improve your board, but unsure where to start? Envision Consulting helps develop inspired board leaders who are engaged, have a shared sense of direction, and are moving the mark on their cause. Through our discussions with you, we’ll develop a customized data-driven approach to help you reach your goals.

How We Build Boards:

& Analyze

In this competitive landscape, nonprofit organizations must constantly be assessing where they are and where they are going. When staff are concentrating on the programs at hand, boards play a critical role in driving the long-term strategy of an organization. Our comprehensive board assessments can help you understand how your organization is performing in regards to board leadership and how staff and board can better partner to meet their mission.


Sure our boards and organizations can do better, but how? Our board retreats are not just your conventional feel-good get-together weekend getaway, but instead are custom designed interactive work sessions that will have your team engaged, inspired, and walking away with a blueprint for moving forward. In preparing for the retreat, we get to know your organization through our board assessment survey. With this, your retreat will be rooted with real, timely data that ensures the most pressing needs of your organization will be addressed.


The right people on the right bus. This is something all boards strive for, but sometimes don’t know where to find potential board candidates. On the flip side, you may be an individual looking to serve on a board, but aren’t sure which organizations are looking for board members. Fortunately we’ve got a stress-free solution to meet both these needs. Our board mixers are like no-other, bringing together organizations and board members in a fun, casual setting to mix, mingle, and make a potential match!


Who Benefits?

  • Organizations seeking to expand their board with committed and competent board members often find themselves at a loss when it comes to finding individuals outside the circles of their existing donor and board database. Well-meaning volunteers or staff post Craigslist ads searching for board members with little-to-no expectations. While sometimes agencies get lucky and find a great board member, more often than not, their searches end up frustratingly fruitless. Using our large network of professionals, we can introduce you to individuals who are successful in their fields, knowledgeable about nonprofits, have an idea of what to expect out of board service, and are sincerely passionate about philanthropic service in your line of work.
  • Potential board members seeking to join an organization often don't know where to start in finding agencies that meet their passions and contributions. Using our insider’s knowledge of nonprofit organizations of all sizes, missions and impacts, we can help you meet with organizations with whom you may be a good fit. Once you meet those organizations, we can help you ask the questions that really matter to determine if this might be the right fit.
  • Donors and funders benefit by knowing that an organization who uses Envision Consulting nonprofit matchmaking services not only are transparent and open, but fill their board slots with new, inquisitive, dynamic and responsible board members that have done their due diligence before joining an organization.